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Simulation News, Stories, and Technical Insights

Envenio Secures $1.3m Investment

2017- 06- 23 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

Envenio is delighted to announce that it has secured investment from Celtic House Venture Partners, Green Century Investments and New Brunswick Investment Foundation, to the value of $1.3million. 

CARIS17: How EXN/Aero Is Turning The Tide For Hydrographers

2017- 06- 13 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

Envenio’s Ian McLeod will present to delegates at the Teledyne CARIS Conference 2017 in Ottowa, that takes place 17-22 June. His paper, entitled 'High Resolution 3D Mapping For Current, Turbulence[…]

Introducing The EXN/Aero Theory Manual

2017- 06- 6 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

Envenio has officially unveiled the theory manual for its affordable cloud based CFD solver, EXN/AeroThe theory manual aims to provide the user with details regarding both the theoretical set-up[…]

NAFEMS17: 5 Big Discussions For The Simulation Community

2017- 06- 5 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

We are just days away from the NAFEMS17 World Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, and excitement is building in the global simulation community, as well as here at Envenio HQ.

This year, NAFEMS have[…]

Overcoming Dark Clouds In Cloud Computing

2017- 05- 31 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

More and more businesses are embracing cloud computing for their CFD simulations.

Our destination as engineers is clear. Our destination is finding solutions to problems, and our journey is the[…]

Envenio Awarded ISO 9001 Certification

2017- 05- 22 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

Envenio has been awarded ISO 9001 Certification, following a series of thorough audits. The prestigious accolade recognizes excellence within systems relating to facilities, people, training,[…]

On-Demand CFD: The Shift From CapEx To OpEx

2017- 05- 19 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

Traditionally, most IT departments and engineering consultants wanted to own the CFD technology they use. Today, business owners want to shift more of these IT costs from the capital expenditure[…]

International Clients Embrace On-Demand HPC Cloud CFD Solver - EXN/Aero

2017- 05- 18 | in CFD, cloud

Envenio has enjoyed a number of sign ups with clients from the United States, Italy, Brazil, India, and Korea, all signing up to the cloud-based, on-demand CFD online solver – EXN/Aero.

ONERA M6 Wing Benchmark on 2 HPC Clusters

2017- 05- 12

One of our European trial users wanted to compare the performance of EXN/Aero with the Computational Fluid Dynamics solver they are currently using - SU2. Their company is an Engineering[…]

Envenio & Pointwise Join Forces On-Demand

2017- 05- 6 | in CFD, simulations, HPC

Envenio and Pointwise, Inc. have signed a co-licensing agreement to offer both products, EXN/Aero and Pointwise®, on-demand, on HPC cloud-host Nimbix. This represents a step-change in the way CFD[…]