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Your Future

EXN/Aero uses next generation parallelization schemes that speeds up solving by 10-20 times. It is the only solver that is truly optimized for HPC hardware. We are looking for bold and bright individuals who want to be part of an industry-changing company. Below are the key qualities we look for in future team members. 



Envenio's team prides itself on adapting to changing conditions and overcoming whichever challenges are present.



We thrive from unique and creative approaches to problems. Disrupting a traditional industry requires un-conventional thinking. 



To be apart of our team, positivity and mental resilience are pre-requisites. Honesty, candidness, and an absense of ego are critical for high performance.



We are looking for people who continuously strive to learn. We ask ourselves "who is the best at this in the world, and how did they do it?"



Growing a new venture isn't easy, and there are always set backs. We welcome people with grit and courage. 



Working on world-leading tech is fun, but enjoying the people you work with is just as important. 

Current Openings


CFD Sales Engineer, Montreal, Canada

The CFD Sales Engineer plays a critical role helping showcase our innovative product to prospective and existing customers.

Sales Development Representative, Montreal, Canada

This person will be building the sales pipeline and identifying and creating new qualified sales opportunities.

Administrative Assistant Fredericton, Canada

This admin assistant will be making sure operations are running smoothly and efficiently. 

Project Manager (TBA)



Alarmingly, two-thirds of companies are currently predicting that they will require a 10x increase in modelling performance over the next five years. To keep up with performance increase expectations, CFD software users face two choices - to be reactive or proactive.

By being reactive, CFD simulation teams continue to grow their computing cluster, eventually running into limitations and restrictions such as power, space, additional users and license costs. Over recent years, a number of advances have been seen in the development of hardware, but CFD vendors have been less proactive when it has come to accelerator-supported HPC software packages. Their platforms only achieve marginal gains from using HPC technology, which means the benefit does not justify the additional HPC hardware cost. 

By being proactive, the industry embraces and invests in true HPC enabled software, ultimately limiting and even reducing the amount of hardware required, and providing a platform from which they can grow and evolve with future trends. While writing code for accelerators is not easy, this is what was required to arrive at a truly optimized solver for HPC hardware. Envenio built its EXN/Aero software package to deliver economical supercomputing for all sizes of CFD teams (freelancers to large corporate teams), allowing businesses to not just reduce hardware investment, but to be confident in their ability to increase performance, and ultimately remain in line or ahead of their competitors. 

Currently, the world of HPC is experiencing a transition into a new era – the many-core era. This era, like those that came before, is driven by cost, performance and accessibility, with the numerous cores producing more computational power.

Bigger, faster, and higher resolution CFD for less

The productivity expectations for engineers continues to soar, while CFD tools remain stagnant. EXN/Aero will get you to the next level of output.

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